N1Fan Store uses the Alvio Platform and through their integration with Prove Anything we have authenticated on the blockchain all of our products are Officially Licensed Merchandise & Memorabilia 

As a customer this gives you unparalleled confidence and security when purchasing from N1Fan store.

Product Listing Authentication

Look for the Digital Seal in the description on our product pages, that show that the product has been approved  

You can easily check the product listing is Authentic in several ways 

  1. Product listing title and on the seal should match 
  2. Seller domain should match the stores domain
  3. You can click on the seal and view the Authentication where images and information should match that of the product your viewing   

Digital Certificates Of Authenticity ( DCOA )

Once you purchase an item you will be emailed your DCOA that authenticates your purchase of official licensed product from our store, this is written to the blockchain as irrefutable digital proof of purchase and ownership.

Memorabilia Provenance & Transfer of Ownership 

This also creates a digital twin of the product that has been purchased on the blockchain that in the case of high value signed memorabilia etc can be transferred if and when the product is sold or traded providing an audit of owners and provenance right back to the original purchase.   

Product Authentication At Point Of Sale

The need for plastic holograms and swing tags used to mark a product as official is reduced as it is the store or point of purchase that is validates the product, which is more secure.

So buy with confidence that not only the product your purchasing is fully licensed official merchandise but also your helping reduce the cost to environment of licensed product with every purchase through N1Fan store

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